A Sneak-Peak at the Next Generation of Data Acquisition Systems

A Sneak-Peak at the Next Generation of Data Acquisition Systems


NLS Energy is excited to introduce nextDAS, the next generation of Data Acquisition Systems for Solar, Wind and Battery Storage.

Why nextDAS?

NextDAS combines industry-standard off-the-shelf hardware, the power of Ignition by Inductive Automation®, and 3GW of renewable energy SCADA experience.

  • It costs significantly less than all other DAS providers, yet you get unlimited everything—this includes sites, field devices, users and datapoints, all for one low up-front cost.
  • No annual subscription required. Your data is yours, unconditionally.
  • It comes packed with performance and financial analysis features and reports; it can connect to any third-party data source with virtually any protocol.

We provide our customers with full access to the development environment, which means your internal team or SCADA provider of choice can modify and extend your system however you see fit.

The Freedom to Choose

Most DAS providers handcuff you to proprietary black-box systems wrapped in expensive subscriptions fees that leave you at their mercy for support. With NextDAS, you own your implementation, and because it’s based on Ignition by Inductive Automation® and industry standard hardware, thousands of SCADA integrators across North America can service it.

NextDAS allows for abundant data. With unlimited historical data logging, you can store every data point at whatever frequency you need. You and your team can create and run powerful statistical and aggregate functions to gain a deep understanding of plant performance and revenue generation, or to perform root-cause analysis. NextDAS ships with a suite of ad-hoc and scheduled reports that provide clarity and context for your data.

The two flavors of NextDAS

NextDAS Basic is an optimal choice for those who want an all-inclusive DAS at the lowest possible cost for commercial and industrial projects. Designed to the unique requirements of your site, and pre-configured, tested, and delivered with everything you need for rapid deployment, Basic is available in a fully managed cloud-based subscription, or as stand-alone system that resides onsite or in your data center.

NextDAS Fleet is the world’s most versatile operations, control and monitoring platform, designed for your complete portfolio of solar, wind and energy storage assets. Fleet is available for any site and in NERC-ready centralized SCADA system infrastructure, tailored to your exact needs and the most capable platform of its kind. At no additional cost, you can add hundreds of sites, thousands of field devices and millions of data points.

That’s #whatsnext — brought to you by NLS Energy.

For more information on NextDAS, or to schedule a webinar or live demonstration, contact Shaheen Maldar at [email protected]

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